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2022-23 Financial Year



A condition of receiving treatment for yourself is that I also have you a horse you ride as a client.  I no longer treat the general public. 


All treatments (horse and human) will incorporate the use of the SCENAR device.


Fees are based on a 1.5 hour travel time from my residence, where a number of horses on your "loop" have also booked in.  Where you have a stand alone horse requiring emergency treatment that does not fall on one of my normal treatment days for your area, fees may be slightly higher.  Alas, see if your friends want to book too!


Please call for a quote if you have a bulk number of horses and riders to treat.  I'm always happy to travel to towns outside my region for the numbers.


Treatments booked on a regular scheduled "loop"

- Stand alone equine treatment                                       $120

- Same day 1 horse & rider package (1 horse, 1 rider)      $210

- Same day 2 horse & rider package (2 horses, 1 rider)     $320

- Same day 3 horse & rider package (3 horses, 1 rider)     $430


Full Equine bio-mechanic and pain assessment for sale, purchase, or competition (this does NOT replace a full veterinary assessment and a vet consultation is always advised)                                        $100


Conformation, biomechanics, anatomy, digestive system, core strength for horse and rider and horsemanship seminars and workshops (good for school groups, riding clubs, horse events, etc.)           $200 max 25 people


Pony Club demonstrations and workshops are still and will always be free!  I do expect lunch and maybe a bottle of wine lol  

PLEASE NOTE ** A $30 cancellation fee will apply for bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.  




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