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A bit about me...

I have been riding horses since the age of 6 when I started with general riding lessons every weekend. My love for horses was cemented in my personality from this point on!

At the age of 20 I purchased my first Warmblood - a gelding by Wunder, again only 4 years of age. I took him to Marcus Oldham College in Geelong Victoria where I obtained my Diploma in Equine Business Management. We competed in local one day events and showjumping competitions. 

It wasn't until I was 25 that a friend suggested we do an equine massage course. I enrolled with the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapies in Victoria and qualified as an Equine Sports Therapist in 2005

Since then I have taken weekend courses in various equine related subjects to keep my knowledge fresh, but at the tender age of 33 I started to realise what an impact the rider has on a horse, so I took on a Remedial Massage apprenticeship and obtained my Diploma of Remedial Massage with Distinction.

I have obtained my certification in SCENAR Therapy and Equine SCENAR Therapy. For more information on this wonderful device, please read the info on my website and visit the link provided on my "links" page. Invented for human pain management, I am transferring this treatment over to horses with awesome results.  

More recently I have partnered with a biotech company by the name of ASEA. 100% non toxic and native to the body, this product empowers the body to heal itself naturally with redox molecules, the basic tool to heal at a cellular level. This product can also be used on animals! 

On top of work, I also breed ASHxQH horses for campdrafting with my husband Pete, and we attend many campdrafts around NSW and QLD with our 2 children. Pete runs Campdraft lessons clinics around Victoria and NSW as well as at our home in Nundle NSW.  

My goal is to get the horse a rider combination to heal holistically and balance together through natural products that encourage the body to heal itself, rather than cover the issue with band aids and not actually fix the issues.

Why use me as your healing specialist?

I have a calm energy and am a sensitive practitioner, guided by your horses communication during the treatment.

Where possible, I travel to your horse to keep them in a friendly and familiar environment, so they feel at ease for the duration of the treatment.

I am always attending clinics and seminars with recognised professionals to further my knowledge.

I am a qualified remedial masseuse and SCENAR practitioner for humans as well, so I can balance the horse and rider together.  

I am a one stop shop with muscle and joint work, as well as being able to point you in the right direction for saddle fit, hoof issues, teeth and nutrition.

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