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What can you expect from an Equine SCENAR treatment?

During the horses treatment, I usually connect the device to gloves and wet the horse down to make better contact with the electrical impulse, which the horse does not feel.


I then carry out my usual treatment with my hands that are now backed up and using the SCENAR device as part of the treatment.


I can also use the device as a stand alone tool without gloves to change how it can be used.  This is usually done for stubborn ailments that need more investigation and precise neurological treatment.  

There is no special requirement for a place or time of treatment, except in the case of pre and post competition SCENAR Equine treatment. During the treatment it is necessary to provide the most comfortable position for the myself and the horse, so having a friendly environment or special friend present can help your horse relax more.

How your horse acts after a treatment completely depends on the horse, and every horse is different! It is possible that the horse will feel energised and playful after a treatment, or sometimes can be tired and toned down. They may drink lots of water, urinate frequently or appear stiff and sore. All totally normal reactions to have to this device.

Video: release of a gluteal trigger point

Equine SCENAR Anna Stevenson
Equine SCENAR Anna Stevenson
Equine SCENAR Anna Stevenson
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