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What is SCENAR?

"SCENAR" stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator. Invented 40 years ago by a Russian University with the aim of providing non-invasive, effective treatment of the human body as a whole. Today SCENAR is recognised all over the world and millions of patients have benefitted from this technology....and now horses!

SCENAR is an advanced form of interactive neurostimulation using unique two-phase biopolar impulses, feedback capabilities and individual dosed influence. The devices are hand held and designed to powerfully stimulate the bodys own healing capacity.

No other technology in the horse industry actually helps direct the horses own central nervous system to restore balance and reduce pain within the horses body! More than just blood flow through vibration, red light or ultrasound! 

Equine SCENAR Anna Stevenson
Equine SCENAR Anna Stevenson
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