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CASE STUDY 1 - Equine SCENAR treatment

Age - 9yo
Breed - Thoroughbred
Sex - Mare
Discipline - Showjumping

Initial consult 24 May 2017
Professional BioSCENAR used
Wet gloves
Normal settings and BioG setting
Energy level 10 used throughout

My first visit with this young mare, who appears to have some kind of neurological issue. Head jerking and nodding happens when you place your hand on her spine (no pressure necessary). Just the sensation of having your hand just behind her withers (where you would sit) is enough to trigger this response. This has been the case since a fall on a lunge rein a few months ago.
This otherwise sweet natured mare, is really having behavioural issues under saddle! No wonder! She does show symptoms without touching her back, but not as bad.  She also stumbles and trips on occasion, more so since her accident a few months ago.
First video is of her actions without any interferance from me and prior to treatment
Second video is of her actions with my hand on her back prior to treatment....gloves are on but device is not plugged in.

Third video is after a spinal cleanse with both the horse and gloves wet, and a bilateral hold of C6/C7, which is where my gut and assessments are telling me the issue is coming from.
Also did some work around her poll and into her thoracic and lumbar spine. 
The difference upon reassessment, with my hand on her back again, is quite improved. As you can see from the third video, a minor neurological twitch still occurs, but nothing like prior to treatment.
Follow up & Recommendation
I have recommended a vet consultation down the track for C6-C7 assessment/x-ray.  Advised the client not to jump this mare for fear of her falling or failing to make a jump.

Subsequent visits
Third treatment is in the last video seen.  As you can see the mare is now much more at ease and handles being touched on the back without any head jerking.  Poppy was ridden soon after this treatment, and although the head bobbing still occurred, it was greatly reduced and now means that Poppy has a chance to be a more normal horse.
Poppy didn't have any further treatments after the third treatment.