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How can Equine SCENAR help your horse?

SCENAR Therapy is clinically proven to assist with pain, discomfort and functional restoration. SCENAR is highly effective for chronic and acute pain, as a result of trauma, surgery, musculoskeletal dysfunction and conformational issues.

As well as treating pain, SCENAR can also help balance your horses overall bodily functions from digestion to reproduction. Examples of things SCENAR may assist with are:

- Equine arthritis and osteoarthritis

- Colic and digestive issues

- Estrus cycle issues

- Heart issues

- Immune system

- Typing up

- Wobblers Syndrome

- Laminitis

- Respiratory conditions

- Swelling

(Photo: "roach back" related tension and fascial tension through shoulder released with SCENAR)

Who can be treated?

Babies, young children, elderly patients and other animals can be treated with this device...not just horses. This is because it is a non-invasive, painless and comfortable treatment. Horses actually really like the sensation! 

The only time SCENAR is contra-indicated is when there is an individual intolerance to electric current or an implanted cardio stimulator. 

REMEMBER...if your horse is in a severe condition, it is necessary to consult with a vet at all times!!

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